Tips for Candidates

  1. As a candidate, fill out all the required fields when creating your profile. A complete profile will have a higher viewer rate and chance to be connected directly with employers.
  2. As a candidate, upload a recent and updated CV/Resume. Make sure your CV/Resume is perfectly written with all the right references and job experience.
  3. As a candidate, make sure your profile picture gives the best representation. A professional image is always recommended and always remember that the picture reflects who you are.
  4. As a candidate, you will receive a daily complimentary credit to connect with fellow members and employers when you log in to the site and claim it. The purpose of having more credits will be used to connect and redeem for upgrades.
  5. As a candidate, daily logins are always recommended to see the new jobs that are posted by employers.
  6. As a candidate, the higher your rating is, the higher the chance you will be connected and viewed by employers.
  7. As a candidate, you can now connect and chat with fellow members. It's always great to share your experience and interest and build relationships with members within the same industry.
  8. Active members are more likely to find the jobs faster on HeyHotStaff.
  9. Upgrade your profile to premium to have direct access to employers and be featured on the top of the search list.
  10. Redeem your credits for upgrades and unlocking new features. 

Tips for Employers

  1. As an employer, make sure to fill all the required fields while creating your company's profile. A complete profile will have 11 times higher viewer rate.
  2. As an employer, make sure you upload your company's logo that fits our profile picture dimensions.
  3. After posting a job on HeyHotStaff, share the link on all your social media platforms to promote the job opportunity and receive more interested candidates.
  4. Posting a job has never been easier, it will take you less than 30 seconds to post a job and for it to appear live on the website.
  5. You can always edit your job post for free at any time after it has been published.
  6. Connect with candidates who are always active, online and who applied for your job positions.
  7. Avoid connecting with candidates who have incomplete profiles. A complete profile is a profile that has a profile picture and updated CV/Resume.
  8. Subscribe to a plan and earn credits to be featured on the homepage of Hey Hot Staff.
  9. Subscribe to a plan and unlock new features.
  10. Connect with candidates that applied to your job posts.
  11. Add relevant candidates to the Favorite list. This list is to remind you about your prospects. 
  12. Post your notes on candidate profiles in order to remember what you shared with them previously.
  13. Video calls are recorded. Try to set video call interviews on the website and you will always come back and check the recorded interview.